Hello there. Welcome to my website. Although this is my second post, this is my introductory and welcoming post for all of those who decide to check out my website.

The inspiration I got for the name of my website was actually something that came completely random to me. Kevinsbodega.com  is a combination of my first name and then Bodega which is what many hispanics in New York call the corner deli-grocery store.

Example of a Deli- Grocery Store:

I chose Bodega because to me, it means a place where all my information would be stored. Just like the way groceries are STORED in a Bodega. I thought it was creative so when I saw that it was available, I decided to go with it.

For my website I would like it to consist of several things. First, would be the assignments fro my CT 101 class. I want to push myself to publish pieces that I am proud of. Second, I want to write about anything that is getting me hyped up for the week, like new music releases, movies, tv shows, anything that I think is worth writing about. Third, I would like to push out my creativeness. Create logos, designs, edited videos. Taking two classes that constantly make me be creative made me see that I do have that creative side of me, so I wish to expand on that and show it on my website.

For now this is all I have to say. So, thank you for reading, give me feedback if you’d like and I hope to evolve as a story teller in this digital world.




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