CT101 Final Blog Post

As CT101 is coming to an end, it is time to reflect on the adventure that started in August, but will most certainly not end when the semester is over. 

    The Beginning: 

Coming into this class I wasn’t expecting much, mostly because I had no idea what this class was about. This class was suggested by my advisor and I decided to go for it. Nevertheless, I can say that Ct101 was a great choice I made when picking my classes. I remember coming into class and the first assignment was to write about what is making us happy that week. I am someone who likes to write and I can write for hours when the subject is interesting. I soon realized that this class will be a lot of fun when we had to make our own memes and gifs.

This is the one I created, https://ct101.us/2018/09/11/class-first-impressions/

 At that time, I understood what the class will be about, basically we would be blogging and creating pieces for and by the digital world, hence the course name (Digital Storytelling). Which to me seemed to be like the best class ever, so I was really happy about coming to class on Tuesdays and learning something new. 

    Fundamental Learning: The Digital World

Some of my favorite moments in class was when we spent some time working and creating gifs and gif portraits. Ive always seen gifs and shared gifs on the internet but never understood how to create them. So when we started to work on them in class, I was very excited. I think my GIF portrait was one of my favorite projects made in this class. I decided to create mine of the man himself, J. Cole. 


Although the steps to creating this piece was a bit tedious, I had the most fun creating it because it was something new, something that I learned that I can now use forever to create pieces in the future. 

    Coming to a Close:

On the last few weeks of the semester, one project that I was extremely excited about was the VaporWave piece. I was unable to attend the class because of a family issue, but that didn’t stop me from trying to create my own version at home. 


The only downside that I had when creating my vaporwave at home was that I didn’t have Photoshop. I managed to create it on an app on the MacBook called Sketchbook. It was really stressful because the whole interface of that app was sort of not helpful and confusing to use.

The following week, I was ahead on my work, so I decided to create a new Vaporwave using Photoshop. And let me tell you, I was so much easier to work with. Here is my second attempt.


Overall, this class was my favorite class of the semester. I came in as a sophomore majoring in journalism. I wasn’t enjoying the class so I dropped it and tried to focus on my academic requirements first. I soon quickly fell in love with the idea of CT and digital storytelling. So when academic advisement came along, I told my advisor that I would like to confirm my major as CT. Now I have a decision to make wether it would be in TV production and media or Web Design. I’m still not sure but both sound like something that I would like to do in the future. So, I would like to thank Professor Seslow in making the class enjoyable to the point where I changed majors.

Now for the juicy question, what grade do I think I deserve in this class. To be completely honest, I would say a B or anything higher. I’m not sure about an A or an A+ because I don’t have the most posts made but I feel like I shine in the writing department. So, while I may not have a lot of posts, the posts that I do have, the writing and content make up for the rest of the missing posts. balancing out my grade to what I believe should be a B.

Now the journey begins as a CT major student!

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