Script V2

In this script I try to have that element of surprise a the end, where it leaves the reader jaw dropping and wanting more.

Car Ride of a Lifetime

Setting: A newly formed couple of four months are in their car headed to the Heather’s parents house to introduce her new boyfriend, Matt.
The conversation erupts to a discussion on whether Heather, age 26, really loves her boyfriend Matt, age 21. They go back and forth explaining their love until they arrive at the parents house.

MATT: Did you pack the snacks?

You know I get really hungry in these long trips.

HEATHER: I packed what I had, did you put gas in your car after work?

MATT: You told me that we would pass by to get it on the way.

HEATHER: (rolling her eyes) I specifically told you early morning that we wouldn’t have time        to pass. Do you ever listen to me or am I always talking to a brick wall?  

MATT: Jeez, sorry. Maybe I didn’t listen

HEATHER: Lets just go. We will pass for gas when we need it.

MATT: Don’t drive to fast just to make up for time. I get nauseous staying in moving vehicles for a long time period.

HEATHER: Why do you act like such a baby?

MATT: (confused) Wait. Hold up. Are you upset? Did I do something to make you mad?

HEATHER: I’m fine!

MATT: Are you sure?

HEATHER: All I am trying to say is that you complain too much.

MATT: Huh, so that’s how you feel. Ok fine. Is it because you are nervous that your parents might not like me.

HEATHER: No I am not nervous at all. I don’t need their approval on the person I date.

MATT: Than what is it. You don’t seem like yourself.

HEATHER: Just give me time right now to think.

MATT: (distraught) Unbelievable. I’ll put on some music.

An hour and fifteen minutes pass on this two hour journey. Matt tries to talk to Heather and try to resolve the problem in hand before arriving to her parents house.

MATT: Hey are you good now?

HEATHER: (shrugs her shoulders)

MATT: Do you love me?

HEATHER: (looks at Matt extremely confused) WHAT?!?

MATT: Answer the question. DO YOU LOVE ME?

HEATHER: What does this have to do with anything? Why bring this up now?

MATT: I’m just wondering, it just seems like you are extremely upset for no reason. I haven’t done anything bad to you. Or at least I don’t think so.

HEATHER: I’m not upset. I just have a lot on my mind that I can’t fully comprehend what is going on right now.

MATT: Things on your mind that are stopping you from telling me that you love me.

HEATHER: (irritated) Uhhh. WHY do you need a word to signify my love for you.

MATT: Its a yes or no question. Pretty simple.

HEATHER: It’s not pretty simple. What if I say yes and you don’t feel the same or vice versa. What do we do then?

MATT: I guess you are right but please, I just want to hear it coming from you.

HEATHER: I don’t feel like right now is the time to be discussing this. Look we are almost there. Lets just go in there and spend some time with my family.

MATT: (silent) ok.

HEATHER: We are here. One thing before we go in, please don’t mention politics, my father can go on and on about that stuff.

MATT: Yeah sure. No problem

HEATHER: (talking really fast) One last minor detail about my family. When I say family, I mean my father and mother of course and me, but also my two kids. Ok let’s go in!

MATT: (speechless) Wha..

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