My First Script

The idea for this script was to take a conversation that I overheard and make my own beginning and end to it. The conversation I heard for this piece was a little something I overheard at work between two co-workers.

Oh Sugar!

Setting: Martin, age 38, wants to know who the new girl in Randy’s life is, conversating a few minutes before Randy’s, age 27, shift is over.

Two restaurant workers have a slight dispute on women. A friend trying to give advice to an in denial coworker who thinks it’s ok to play with females.

MARTIN: You going to see your girl after your shift is over?

RANDY: Nah, not today bro

MARTIN: So, on the low, what’s up with this old girl you’re seeing?

RANDY: Bro, shit is crazy. She is giving me money and anything I want, just to hang out with her for a couple of hours.

MARTIN: Damn. You got a sugar mama in your hands.

RANDY: Something like that but without giving her any sugar. (winks) If you know what I mean. I’m a player out here man.

MARTIN: That’s tight. You going to tell your girl?

RANDY: (confused) Why does she need to know? It’s not like I’m doing anything bad or wrong. I’m not cheating on her so why is it a problem?

MARTIN: I’m just saying man, you are going to get in a lot of trouble if you are not honest with her.

RANDY: Maaaann, You don’t even have a girlfriend, you can’t tell me shit. You haven’t had a girlfriend in years.

MARTIN: I don’t need to have a girlfriend to know that my friend is being a complete idiot.

RANDY: (chuckles) You a real funny guy today. Any more jokes? Let’s hear them.

MARTIN: And you are a complete fool everyday. Plus I’m older than you and have much more experience.

RANDY: Alright. Please enlighten me on this topic. How am I an idiot?

MARTIN: You are with two girls at the same time. That shit is not right.

RANDY: You are clueless and have no say in what I do. How about you mind your business?

MARTIN: Listen. You are going to end up hurting a girl you love just because of money. Girls don’t like it when their boyfriend spends time with another girl that they don’t know.

RANDY: How would you know, you’re lonely. Nobody want your soft ass.

MARTIN: Randy, I’m telling you this because something similar happened with who I thought was going to be my wife. I guess I was too friendly with this other girl and she didn’t like it which led to us being unsure if our relationship.

RANDY: Oh shit, you guys couldn’t make it work after the small incident?

MARTIN: No, She no longer trusted me and I was too blind to see why.

RANDY: That’s rough bro.

MARTIN: Exactly, I’m explaining this rough time of my life so you can see why it might not be a good idea to have two women at a time.

RANDY: But we aren’t getting married so your situation is irrelevant to mine.

MARTIN: I swear to god you are a complete fool. Do you love your girlfriend?


MARTIN: Then why are you trying to play with her heart like that.

RANDY: I’m just getting money bro.

MARTIN: Alright man. This is the last time I’m saying this. If you break your girls heart because of this idiotic thing here. Then me, myself, and I , will beat your ass.

RANDY: Yeah, Ok.

MARTIN: Don’t worry, You’ll see!

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