My First Job Interview

Recently I’ve been on the hunt for a new job. I currently work at my Uncles Spanish restaurant. I was put on the food prep position ever since I was 13 years old on the summer of sixth grade. I asked to work more days but there is somebody else that works that position when I’m not there. So I let my father know, he is the manager, that I would be looking for another job so I can work full-time.

This would be the first time I did anything by myself, to actually look for a job. My father has a lot of friends so when I needed or wanted money I would just work for his friends at their jobs.

I applied to a Chipotle that was in the Williamsburg area. Two days later I got an email saying that my interview slot was at 5 o’clock. 

I was very excited yet extremely nervous because I had never been to an interview. I started to think of all the possible questions they would ask. this resulted on me searching ‘chipotle interview questions’ on youtube, and to my surprise there were dozens of videos of people sharing their interview experiences. After watching a few I felt like I knew what the whole company was about, just by hearing the interview questions and the answers the people gave. 

The day came for my interview and that whole day I had a sense of nervousness. When I arrived to the Chipotle I didn’t know where to go so I just went on the line where you order food. When I got to the worker I let her know that I was here for an interview. She told me to sit with the rest, there was about five of us.

When the manager came to greet us, she told us that it would be a group interview. In my head I was thinking that they would pick at least two of us, those who were vocal and out there. So that was my tactic, try to out vocal the competition to hopefully be noticed. 

The interview went by extremely fast even though it was like an hour and a half interview. For some reason It didn’t feel like an interview, it felt like a regular conversation with a group. The questions the manager asked were basic work questions, like any work experience, how would you help the team, my available hours. 

The interview ended and about week later I got an email with my account username and password to Workday. Meaning that I got the job!!!

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