Art Review

The Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning, Artist Co-op 2018 gallery features various of artist and pieces. The gallery stands in a large rectangular room that includes drawings, collages, installations, and photographic images. A total of 26 different art pieces, huge and small, are being lit up by lights beaming down onto them. Artist take up a section of blank white wall to display their work. On the left side of the room, two installation pieces are located. Along with huge, black and white portraits. Each work is unique and different, they vary in size, shape, and materials used. Canvases, wood planks, wood boards or some of the materials that can be seen and take up most of the wall space in the middle and right sections of the gallery. The installation pieces feature leather, wood planks, rubber, and styrofoam. When finishing viewing the gallery, by the entrance door there is a stand where cards and a notebook is located. This is where you can leave any comments about what you saw that day. You can also read what people think about the pieces and their experience. The gallery is not focused on one theme, rather it focuses on grabbing the attention of the viewer. Almost all of the pieces can be relatable to the viewer because of the meaning that it is trying to portray. Some examples are, the collage of the two people on the subway train and the painting of the people taking pictures with cameras and phones in an art exhibit. Which is hilarious because while looking at pieces viewers were doing the same thing. The overall experience of the art gallery was soothing and peaceful. It was fairly simple for people to get attached to a certain piece and start to depict what the creators intention was, leaving many with questions.

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