Song Review: Love Yourz by J. Cole

In J. Cole’s 2014 Forest Fills Drive, the song Love Yourz is one of the more slow jazz toned songs of the album .

Here he is telling the story of how sometimes the fairytale life of being wealthy and successful isn’t always the best. He encourages many to be happy with what they got because some people might have it worse or have nothing at all.

He goes on to trying to give advice to the fans and people who look up to him.

Always gon’ be a bigger house somewhere, but ni**a feel me
‘Long as the people in that motherfucker love you dearly
Always gon’ be a whip that’s better than the the one you got
Always gon’ be some clothes that’s fresher than the one’s you rock
Always gon’ be a bitch that’s badder out there on the tours
But you ain’t never gon’ be happy till you love yours

J. Cole’s message is that you will never be happy, no matter the amount of fame and money, until you learn to appreciate and love what you currently have. So there will always be a better car, clothes, girl but that won’t mean anything if you fail to realize that what you have may be enough.

Jermaine also understands the struggles that people in poverty face while they see all these Hip Hop artist flashing there wealth with money and jewelery and them not having anything. He was apart of them when he was younger, dreaming about a life with no stress, where money would solve all his problems and live stress free.

J Cole expresses that money has not only fixed many problems, they also created new ones. He is rich, but at what cost, he isn’t happy with what he has because he failed to appreciate what he once had back when he was “broke”. The phrase “Think being broke was better” is said silently throughout the song. It emphasizes the idea that he was most happiest when he was broke because that was when he received the most love. Now when people call him up to talk they usually ask for some money. He no longer receives the same love he used to get and all because he is famous and wealthy.

Overall, this album in general is one of J. Cole’s greatest albums. It went double platinum without any features. It was a huge deal because it had been 25 years that a solo hip hop artist went platinum with no featured guest artist.

If you want to listen to the album the link is below to Apple Music to preview the songs.


Or the complete album on youtube:

My First Job Interview

Recently I’ve been on the hunt for a new job. I currently work at my Uncles Spanish restaurant. I was put on the food prep position ever since I was 13 years old on the summer of sixth grade. I asked to work more days but there is somebody else that works that position when I’m not there. So I let my father know, he is the manager, that I would be looking for another job so I can work full-time.

This would be the first time I did anything by myself, to actually look for a job. My father has a lot of friends so when I needed or wanted money I would just work for his friends at their jobs.

I applied to a Chipotle that was in the Williamsburg area. Two days later I got an email saying that my interview slot was at 5 o’clock. 

I was very excited yet extremely nervous because I had never been to an interview. I started to think of all the possible questions they would ask. this resulted on me searching ‘chipotle interview questions’ on youtube, and to my surprise there were dozens of videos of people sharing their interview experiences. After watching a few I felt like I knew what the whole company was about, just by hearing the interview questions and the answers the people gave. 

The day came for my interview and that whole day I had a sense of nervousness. When I arrived to the Chipotle I didn’t know where to go so I just went on the line where you order food. When I got to the worker I let her know that I was here for an interview. She told me to sit with the rest, there was about five of us.

When the manager came to greet us, she told us that it would be a group interview. In my head I was thinking that they would pick at least two of us, those who were vocal and out there. So that was my tactic, try to out vocal the competition to hopefully be noticed. 

The interview went by extremely fast even though it was like an hour and a half interview. For some reason It didn’t feel like an interview, it felt like a regular conversation with a group. The questions the manager asked were basic work questions, like any work experience, how would you help the team, my available hours. 

The interview ended and about week later I got an email with my account username and password to Workday. Meaning that I got the job!!!

Where is Eternal Atake?

Eternal Atake will be Lil Uzi Vert’s second studio album following August 2017’s LUV Is Rage 2. 

The question that remains is, When is the album dropping? 

After teasing the project back in 2017 at one of his concerts, fans have been patiently waiting to get a release date. But with Uzi like fashion, he always responds with “Soon”. 

As the year progressed, small clips or snippets of potential songs have leaked or been released by Uzi himself, but never the full songs. Some were leaked when his Instagram and Twitter were hacked, hackers intentionally leaked the snippets in hopes that Uzi would just give in and drop his album. It almost worked as he dropped his first single of the upcoming album.

Fans were hoping for Uzi to follow up with the rest of the album, two months later and still no release.

Last year Lil Uzi Vert went on a rant on twitter were he expressed that his label is holding back on releasing his album because of certain entities that needed to be approved and taken care off before releasing the album. Now for this album, many fans believe that it is also happening to this album. Many fans think that It will most likely drop next year because this year it is too late for Lil Uzi Vert to qualify for any major awards for the year 2018. This is a tactic that many labels and recording artist use so the albums get as popular and many streams as possible, often resulting in being in the ‘Album of the Year’ conversation.

A video of Uzi surfaced a few days ago where concert goers were yelling “Drop the album”, and once again in Uzi like fashion he stated that the album is finished and that its dropping ‘SOON’. 

For now all we have to listen that is new by Uzi are the leaked snippets that will eventually be on the Eternal Atake Album.

Songs on Repeat This Month

With Finals coming up, what I do to relax is listen to music. While this music may be extremely vulgar, I mostly like the songs because of the beat and production of the songs. Plus how hype the songs get and they just make me feel like moving, attempting to dance. 


‘Uh oh, Thots’ – Trippie Redand and XXXTentacion


‘WAKA’ – 6ix9ine ft. A Bogie Wit da Hoodie

While I don’t like Tekashi 6ix9ine as a person, his type of music is the type that its to catchy not to sing along to. Also it created this video that is one of my favorites from the internet.


‘Black Magic’ Trippie Redd

Trippie Redd’s melodies are always the best, growing up I listen to a lot of pop punk and alternative music. In which they rely a lot on melodies to sway the song. Trippie Redd’s sound is like that mixed with trap rap.


‘Armed & Dangerous’ – Juice Wrld 

Juice Wrld rose to stardom after the release of his two hit singles, ‘All Girls are the Same‘ and ‘Lucid Dreams‘. He has been on a run, collaborating with Future in a joint album as well as making appearances in other artist songs. With the help of Cole Bennet, director and editor of the music video above, Juice Wrld is one of the top dogs in the rap game. Even though he doesn’t consider himself a rapper, in most conversations he is put in that category. Leaving many questioning the path that the rap game is going in. 

Father and Son

This is one of my favorite short assignments from my creative writing class last semester. It is about the relationship between my dad and I, how different we are yet almost similar in a way. A constant reminder that for some reason parents are always right and want the best for you. 

He Knows

He hated winter, I hate still summer. If snowfall arrives, he gets annoyed because he can’t ride his bike to work. When it reaches 34 degrees at home, he yells at me for not having the heater on, claiming that I will get sick. I feel the most comfort when its cold. Being covered in blankets all day long is something I live for.

He is always right. I’m always wrong. When I asked for help with my math homework he would show me one way, “that’s the wrong way” I would tell him. He would respond with the “I’m older, I know more” tactic. He is a numbers person so I would always take his word for it. Considering he worked the cash register at a restaurant that had an old cashier with no adding mechanism, just add in his head, press and release. How does he do it? Oh, because he is older.

He wanted my hair short. I wanted my hair long. During my elementary school years, he would shave me bald. Berating me that I look like a girl with my long hair and bangs that reach my eyebrows.

The long hair covered my ears, I liked it because of that. I hated how my big head made my ears look tiny.

He loves to work. I work cause I have to. His passion to work and learn more everyday makes him great. At 13, he told me to work at the restaurant he manages to see how hard it is to make money. I didn’t care about his lesson. I was just tired of being made fun for wearing the same hoodie everyday in middle school.

Working also allows me to spend my money carelessly. He likes to save his hard earned money. Sitting back, watching his green paper stack. I like to spend my money on overpriced items because it brings me temporary joy. When I bought a pair of sneakers for $250 he teased me, telling me that my feet look like they are covered by two gigantic yachts. Or that they looked like two hovercrafts.

He is a serious person. I like to be a jokester. When I’m around him a feel like I have to have a dead face of no emotion. I can’t make a joke without him judging me telling me that my jokes aren’t funny.Maybe I’m not funny just stupid. I say the things I say to make light to any dark situation.

He is the type of person to get things done right away. I am a huge procrastinator. My major flaw ruins me any time I’m trying to have a good time. When I had to do my first college paper I remember telling my dad about it. He would constantly tell me to get it over with. I would answer, “It isn’t due till next week, I’m fine”. Next week came and I’m stressing to get this paper done. I stayed up until three in the morning. He woke up me up before heading to work, in his loud fearsome voice he said, “Hope you had your eight hours of sleep”. Then shutting my door with a little too much power. Waking me up from my short slumber.

He often tries to forget about the past and think more of the what the future holds. I can’t forget about the past. The past still lingers in my mind. All the times that you left me their all alone, when I needed you the most. But I didn’t need you, and you know that. You know that I became someone great without your help and advice. Now that we reunited, you always talk about how the one phone call I made to you changed your life. How you were sleeping on the freezing floor of your friends apartment and once you heard my voice you felt sudden warmth. Now you don’t mind the winter because it reminds you of the time you became my father again.

Script V2

In this script I try to have that element of surprise a the end, where it leaves the reader jaw dropping and wanting more.

Car Ride of a Lifetime

Setting: A newly formed couple of four months are in their car headed to the Heather’s parents house to introduce her new boyfriend, Matt.
The conversation erupts to a discussion on whether Heather, age 26, really loves her boyfriend Matt, age 21. They go back and forth explaining their love until they arrive at the parents house.

MATT: Did you pack the snacks?

You know I get really hungry in these long trips.

HEATHER: I packed what I had, did you put gas in your car after work?

MATT: You told me that we would pass by to get it on the way.

HEATHER: (rolling her eyes) I specifically told you early morning that we wouldn’t have time        to pass. Do you ever listen to me or am I always talking to a brick wall?  

MATT: Jeez, sorry. Maybe I didn’t listen

HEATHER: Lets just go. We will pass for gas when we need it.

MATT: Don’t drive to fast just to make up for time. I get nauseous staying in moving vehicles for a long time period.

HEATHER: Why do you act like such a baby?

MATT: (confused) Wait. Hold up. Are you upset? Did I do something to make you mad?

HEATHER: I’m fine!

MATT: Are you sure?

HEATHER: All I am trying to say is that you complain too much.

MATT: Huh, so that’s how you feel. Ok fine. Is it because you are nervous that your parents might not like me.

HEATHER: No I am not nervous at all. I don’t need their approval on the person I date.

MATT: Than what is it. You don’t seem like yourself.

HEATHER: Just give me time right now to think.

MATT: (distraught) Unbelievable. I’ll put on some music.

An hour and fifteen minutes pass on this two hour journey. Matt tries to talk to Heather and try to resolve the problem in hand before arriving to her parents house.

MATT: Hey are you good now?

HEATHER: (shrugs her shoulders)

MATT: Do you love me?

HEATHER: (looks at Matt extremely confused) WHAT?!?

MATT: Answer the question. DO YOU LOVE ME?

HEATHER: What does this have to do with anything? Why bring this up now?

MATT: I’m just wondering, it just seems like you are extremely upset for no reason. I haven’t done anything bad to you. Or at least I don’t think so.

HEATHER: I’m not upset. I just have a lot on my mind that I can’t fully comprehend what is going on right now.

MATT: Things on your mind that are stopping you from telling me that you love me.

HEATHER: (irritated) Uhhh. WHY do you need a word to signify my love for you.

MATT: Its a yes or no question. Pretty simple.

HEATHER: It’s not pretty simple. What if I say yes and you don’t feel the same or vice versa. What do we do then?

MATT: I guess you are right but please, I just want to hear it coming from you.

HEATHER: I don’t feel like right now is the time to be discussing this. Look we are almost there. Lets just go in there and spend some time with my family.

MATT: (silent) ok.

HEATHER: We are here. One thing before we go in, please don’t mention politics, my father can go on and on about that stuff.

MATT: Yeah sure. No problem

HEATHER: (talking really fast) One last minor detail about my family. When I say family, I mean my father and mother of course and me, but also my two kids. Ok let’s go in!

MATT: (speechless) Wha..

My First Script

The idea for this script was to take a conversation that I overheard and make my own beginning and end to it. The conversation I heard for this piece was a little something I overheard at work between two co-workers.

Oh Sugar!

Setting: Martin, age 38, wants to know who the new girl in Randy’s life is, conversating a few minutes before Randy’s, age 27, shift is over.

Two restaurant workers have a slight dispute on women. A friend trying to give advice to an in denial coworker who thinks it’s ok to play with females.

MARTIN: You going to see your girl after your shift is over?

RANDY: Nah, not today bro

MARTIN: So, on the low, what’s up with this old girl you’re seeing?

RANDY: Bro, shit is crazy. She is giving me money and anything I want, just to hang out with her for a couple of hours.

MARTIN: Damn. You got a sugar mama in your hands.

RANDY: Something like that but without giving her any sugar. (winks) If you know what I mean. I’m a player out here man.

MARTIN: That’s tight. You going to tell your girl?

RANDY: (confused) Why does she need to know? It’s not like I’m doing anything bad or wrong. I’m not cheating on her so why is it a problem?

MARTIN: I’m just saying man, you are going to get in a lot of trouble if you are not honest with her.

RANDY: Maaaann, You don’t even have a girlfriend, you can’t tell me shit. You haven’t had a girlfriend in years.

MARTIN: I don’t need to have a girlfriend to know that my friend is being a complete idiot.

RANDY: (chuckles) You a real funny guy today. Any more jokes? Let’s hear them.

MARTIN: And you are a complete fool everyday. Plus I’m older than you and have much more experience.

RANDY: Alright. Please enlighten me on this topic. How am I an idiot?

MARTIN: You are with two girls at the same time. That shit is not right.

RANDY: You are clueless and have no say in what I do. How about you mind your business?

MARTIN: Listen. You are going to end up hurting a girl you love just because of money. Girls don’t like it when their boyfriend spends time with another girl that they don’t know.

RANDY: How would you know, you’re lonely. Nobody want your soft ass.

MARTIN: Randy, I’m telling you this because something similar happened with who I thought was going to be my wife. I guess I was too friendly with this other girl and she didn’t like it which led to us being unsure if our relationship.

RANDY: Oh shit, you guys couldn’t make it work after the small incident?

MARTIN: No, She no longer trusted me and I was too blind to see why.

RANDY: That’s rough bro.

MARTIN: Exactly, I’m explaining this rough time of my life so you can see why it might not be a good idea to have two women at a time.

RANDY: But we aren’t getting married so your situation is irrelevant to mine.

MARTIN: I swear to god you are a complete fool. Do you love your girlfriend?


MARTIN: Then why are you trying to play with her heart like that.

RANDY: I’m just getting money bro.

MARTIN: Alright man. This is the last time I’m saying this. If you break your girls heart because of this idiotic thing here. Then me, myself, and I , will beat your ass.

RANDY: Yeah, Ok.

MARTIN: Don’t worry, You’ll see!

Art Review

The Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning, Artist Co-op 2018 gallery features various of artist and pieces. The gallery stands in a large rectangular room that includes drawings, collages, installations, and photographic images. A total of 26 different art pieces, huge and small, are being lit up by lights beaming down onto them. Artist take up a section of blank white wall to display their work. On the left side of the room, two installation pieces are located. Along with huge, black and white portraits. Each work is unique and different, they vary in size, shape, and materials used. Canvases, wood planks, wood boards or some of the materials that can be seen and take up most of the wall space in the middle and right sections of the gallery. The installation pieces feature leather, wood planks, rubber, and styrofoam. When finishing viewing the gallery, by the entrance door there is a stand where cards and a notebook is located. This is where you can leave any comments about what you saw that day. You can also read what people think about the pieces and their experience. The gallery is not focused on one theme, rather it focuses on grabbing the attention of the viewer. Almost all of the pieces can be relatable to the viewer because of the meaning that it is trying to portray. Some examples are, the collage of the two people on the subway train and the painting of the people taking pictures with cameras and phones in an art exhibit. Which is hilarious because while looking at pieces viewers were doing the same thing. The overall experience of the art gallery was soothing and peaceful. It was fairly simple for people to get attached to a certain piece and start to depict what the creators intention was, leaving many with questions.

CT101 Final Blog Post

As CT101 is coming to an end, it is time to reflect on the adventure that started in August, but will most certainly not end when the semester is over. 

    The Beginning: 

Coming into this class I wasn’t expecting much, mostly because I had no idea what this class was about. This class was suggested by my advisor and I decided to go for it. Nevertheless, I can say that Ct101 was a great choice I made when picking my classes. I remember coming into class and the first assignment was to write about what is making us happy that week. I am someone who likes to write and I can write for hours when the subject is interesting. I soon realized that this class will be a lot of fun when we had to make our own memes and gifs.

This is the one I created, https://ct101.us/2018/09/11/class-first-impressions/

 At that time, I understood what the class will be about, basically we would be blogging and creating pieces for and by the digital world, hence the course name (Digital Storytelling). Which to me seemed to be like the best class ever, so I was really happy about coming to class on Tuesdays and learning something new. 

    Fundamental Learning: The Digital World

Some of my favorite moments in class was when we spent some time working and creating gifs and gif portraits. Ive always seen gifs and shared gifs on the internet but never understood how to create them. So when we started to work on them in class, I was very excited. I think my GIF portrait was one of my favorite projects made in this class. I decided to create mine of the man himself, J. Cole. 


Although the steps to creating this piece was a bit tedious, I had the most fun creating it because it was something new, something that I learned that I can now use forever to create pieces in the future. 

    Coming to a Close:

On the last few weeks of the semester, one project that I was extremely excited about was the VaporWave piece. I was unable to attend the class because of a family issue, but that didn’t stop me from trying to create my own version at home. 


The only downside that I had when creating my vaporwave at home was that I didn’t have Photoshop. I managed to create it on an app on the MacBook called Sketchbook. It was really stressful because the whole interface of that app was sort of not helpful and confusing to use.

The following week, I was ahead on my work, so I decided to create a new Vaporwave using Photoshop. And let me tell you, I was so much easier to work with. Here is my second attempt.


Overall, this class was my favorite class of the semester. I came in as a sophomore majoring in journalism. I wasn’t enjoying the class so I dropped it and tried to focus on my academic requirements first. I soon quickly fell in love with the idea of CT and digital storytelling. So when academic advisement came along, I told my advisor that I would like to confirm my major as CT. Now I have a decision to make wether it would be in TV production and media or Web Design. I’m still not sure but both sound like something that I would like to do in the future. So, I would like to thank Professor Seslow in making the class enjoyable to the point where I changed majors.

Now for the juicy question, what grade do I think I deserve in this class. To be completely honest, I would say a B or anything higher. I’m not sure about an A or an A+ because I don’t have the most posts made but I feel like I shine in the writing department. So, while I may not have a lot of posts, the posts that I do have, the writing and content make up for the rest of the missing posts. balancing out my grade to what I believe should be a B.

Now the journey begins as a CT major student!

Panoramic Storytelling

Although I wasn’t able to make it to class when this assignment was taught, I was able to look at some post to see examples of the assignment and I decided to hit the road and make my own panoramic story.

For one of my classes, one of the assignments was to go the American Museum of Natural History, so I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to create my story of my day.

So here is my view before getting on the train:

Here I am at the museum getting my work done:

I had help on this one because I met up with one of my classmates at the museum.

This is my view back from the museum (I had work after so thats why it was late and dark out) :


Lighting adds a lot to the Pano photos because in the first one natural lighting is on the outside and its dark on the platform. But as natural lighting fades away for the day, the station lights light up the platform and now there is darkness on the outside. This assignment was fun and if it wasn’t for this class I would probably have never used the Pano mode on my phone. So for that reason I would like to thank the professor.


Are Memes Art? Part Two

Using Photoshop in todays class to create memes was a new experience for me. It was my first time using Photoshop and it was a simple process when creating memes. The only problem I had was finding an image in a larger size, my image came out a bit blurry because the image was small.

The one I created today hits very close to home because I can relate to the same feeling as the meme.

It is also interesting to see that the meme culture is world wide. This article in Spanish on what memes are and how to make them show that this is an interest in everybody.

One of my favorites memes from the Spanish “culture”:

This meme is in Spanish and is basically showing how the elderly are way behind on using technology. To translate, “Son, the computer is telling me to open up a window? But… its raining!!!”

This meme reminds me of when my grandparents got a phone for the first time and they needed help with everything.